My name is Eve Finlay Miller, I am a Fine Artist who works through lots of different media. I have recently launched Fleuro as an outlet of Eve Finlay Miller. I use Fleuro to sell collections taken from my art practice that I feel people would enjoy and have for their very own! I decided to use the word Fleuro indicating floral because I love the colours of nature and flowers in particular. I have always used bright colours to help me pick out information or to draw up ideas. I am just naturally drawn towards floral colours so what better name to use! My work has been made for people to have with them in the form of jewellery or to have in their home as prints, ceramics, books and Zeens. Fleuro as an outlet of Eve Finlay Miller is an online creative studio and shop that is also a place for working collaboratively with other artists. Fleuro.is about a range of different projects and positive involvement in the local creative community including events, workshops, murals, prints, jewellery, artists books, ceramics, and art for the home!

I am always keen to collaborate! If you have any question or want to get in touch about a collaboration email me on finlayevemiller@gmail.com

Picture of Eve Finlay Miller